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The importance of Green IT

A computer is a new trend, where companies try to achieve business growth is necessary, without damaging the environment. It benefits the environment that companies take care of the disposal of electronic waste effectively to the environment is not affected. In today’s world, people take note of the importance of green technology and how it helps the planet. Consumers and companies associated with the green background with a better brand value.

What exactly is Green Computing?
The study and practice of using electronic resources effectively. Through this practice, the adverse effects of electronics on the environment can be minimized. Promotes the efficient production, use and disposal of electronic components. The following are some of the objectives:

• maximize energy efficiency

• Focus on recycling

• Reduction of hazardous materials

Why is it important to e-waste?
A major problem in the world today is the increased amount of electronic waste. Electronic waste is more than 70% of all hazardous waste. The manufacture of computer parts involves the use of some of the many toxic materials, harmful chemicals, heavy metals, plastics that can not burn easily. These materials, when burned, can contaminate groundwater and the environment.

Choose a business laptop is best for your company

There are several factors to consider when buying a business laptop. This article describes all material respects and has links to more information.

Aspects of a business laptop

A laptop is inherently the advantage of portability, which is important, but not all laptops are equal. It is important to know your business and what computers are used to.


The reason behind the use of a computer is that you can store more information and perform calculations faster than any human. Can you imagine having all your documents in Word and Excel files in a folder?

Under this type of things you need the computer to do, you want to make sure your machine shop to the specifications in terms of speed and memory.


A very important factor laptops, in general, the duration of the battery.

Some have bigger batteries than others, and to provide more applications than others. Each laptop will give you an approximate independence, but the amount of time you have before you have to connect ultimately depends on the make and model of equipment. In addition, the number of programs you use.

Laptop Vs Desktop

Recently, the market was filled with many new computers. In particular laptops and Tablet PC. The number of balloons to even more. For those planning to buy one this can be a difficult decision. The choice between a laptop and a desktop computer can be confusing. Are you going with all the new trends? Or stick to something tried?

An important factor to decide the choice between these two types of mobility systems. Basically, the laptops are good if you need to carry with you. This is ideal for students, businessmen and people on the move. However, if you do not need a system with you all the time, then there is nothing wrong with a desktop system.

Typically, desktop computers have the advantage when it comes to performance. You can get a lot more to her than a laptop. Desktops have a better processor, memory, and almost everything else. Although there are a number of laptops that can compete, usually get better results with a desktop computer. If you plan to use your computer to perform some important applications for gaming or office multimedia is the way forward.

How to use a laptop to control a PC tower

I wanted to get rid of the bulky control myself and replace it with an LCD screen. But like most of us, it just was not in the budget. I had a laptop and connects to my home network. I had to create a home network to share my internet connection with my son.

So I thought it would be great if you could use the laptop myself run. It was then discovered that the Remote Desktop Connection can be used. This program is included in Windows XP Professional. To begin, the host computer (tower PC with XP Pro) must be active and connected to a router or hub.

To configure the Remote Desktop Connection

(RDC) in the host:

Start> Control Panel> System Select the Remote tab.

Select the Allow users to connect remotely to this computer. Enter the name of the computer, you will need for your notebook to find the host computer.

Tablet PC is increasingly used for remote access

The Apple iPhone has recently become a very popular device. If you’ve read all the technology of blogs in recent weeks which have seen a few mentions of it. Some speak in a positive way. Others hate it. Of course, this is meant as any type of equipment has its supporters and its detractors. But one thing many people agree on is that the iPhone is an ideal device if you want a client to use remote access software. What exactly are the reasons behind this? The Business Center PC World has recently published a report on this issue.

To answer the question, do not forget that the iPhone really is: a Tablet PC. Although presented as something new and revolutionary, the Tablet PC has existed in various forms for over a decade before the iPhone was released. It is only the first Tablet PC to achieve this level of popularity. As a technology reviewers point out, is actually the iPhone form factor makes it very suitable for the use of remote desktop software. As a tablet PC, is smaller and lighter than most laptops out there. It also has a touch screen interface, while it may take some getting used to, works well for remote control applications and access files on a remote PC.

Few people consider a tablet as a replacement for a desktop PC (though many have replaced desktops with laptops). This is simply because it is considered more of a “mobile device” instead of proper equipment. But their use can be very useful in certain situations. Let’s say you use your iPhone to take notes during presentations. If you forget a file on the desktop, you can use remote access software to connect to the remote PC and retrieve the file you need.