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Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone Review

In this two-part feature , we take a look at one of the most popular smartphones ever released , the Samsung Galaxy S3. The first part provides an overview of the device, look to its main rivals and start looking at packaging technology in the device.

Although no longer an expensive phone , still full of technology. S3 ( otherwise known as I9300 ) is the popular Galaxy S2 . Basic figures are 720p resolution 4.8 inch screen quad- core muscle . This impressive technical specification is not the only attraction , but also sports a slim and sleek look , with a light weight that belies their good screen size.

Thanks for it will not be the last model (which is now below the new Galaxy S4 in the range of Samsung ), the S3 can now be had either in contract or SIM free for a very reasonable price. Obviously smartphones offers vary by country and network providers to see what is available in your area.

The Samsung S3 is available with two options built in storage , 16 GB or 32 GB , plus it has a microSD card slot so you can increase the ability to start getting some space. Also, the phone UK even comes with two years of free online storage via DropBox application that provides users with an impressive 50 GB virtual disk .

Motorola Razr HD Review

It’s been a while since Motorola Razr HD has been introduced in the market and in some time it became very popular. The company is known for manufacturing innovative devices I substituted Razr Razr HD . Like other Razr , Motorola has inspired another design of this version. The shimmering appearance of the phone looks amazing . Gorilla Glass protects the screen of your phone from all kinds of scratches.

The phone runs on a 1.5GHz processor and runs on 1 GB of RAM dual core . The phone’s internal memory is 16 GB. In addition , there is provision for the microSD card in the phone that allows users to expand the memory up to 48 GB.

HTC HD Razr sports a screen 4.7-inch HD may seem smaller than most of its competitors , however , can be considered among the best in its class. The display supports a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. It gives you vivid and crisp color images . There is a good amount of brightness and excellent device performance in low light. However, the automatic brightness is not as impressive as it should be . This phone comes with many connectivity options , including Wi – Fi , GPS , Bluetooth and 4G LTE . Although there are many smart phones with 13 MP camera , 8 MP camera Razr HD is quite impressive and gives very good images . The pictures clicked by the camera are well saturated and exposed . The contact telephone technological approach is also pretty decent . The video recording of the camera is very good and you get a full HD video . There is a front facing 1.3 MP camera , which is also good and is able to produce images of 720p for video chats and video calls.

BlackBerry Z10 Review

BlackBerry Z10 is a very good high-end device can be considered as a serious contender to other high-end devices such as Apple iPhone 5 , HTC One X + and the Galaxy S3 , etc. This well designed smartphone is available in black and white . He got flat sides , rounded corners and gives a solid feel to the user. The thickness of the telephone is almost similar to S3 Galaxy .

The soft touch black plastic will surely impress the user . You will not find any buttons on the front of the phone , while the microphone is placed in the bottom of the emblem is on the edge of the screen . The top edge has a front facing camera , speaker and status LEDs . It is a provision of the micro USB and HDMI on the phone .

BlackBerry Z10 features a crisp display that is vibrant bright colors . The viewing angles are pretty decent phone and find no trouble seeing the direct sunlight . The touch screen is very sensitive and can easily enter text on your phone. The Z10 camera is one of the best you’ll find on any smartphone. The camera interface is also easy to use . You will also see a photo editing software built into the phone that allows you to edit images by adjusting brightness, add filters and culture, etc.

Z10 is very fast in scripts , applications and web pages load quickly on the device. You will not face any delay while surfing the net and battery life is much better compared to the Galaxy S3. BB Z10 no start button or the navigation button , because everything is based contact. The browser on top of the Z10 is fine, but not as good as Chrome or another. You will find many applications preloaded on your phone, including BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry Calendar , Docs to Go , Voice Control and History Maker etc. These applications further enhance the utility of the phone. Also visit the BlackBerry World to download applications more useful . C10 is based on the new operating system BlackBerry 10 . You can find the reference to computer software that BlackBerry allows synchronization of media and data files . 2 GB of RAM compatible with the powerful 1.5 GHz dual core processor phone .

Finally , BlackBerry Z10 is a decent camera that comes with a nice interface , a great camera and a large collection of applications pre – loaded . This phone offers good value for money.

BlackBerry offers its customers a great Z10 Verizon BlackBerry that allows them to take advantage of this powerful phone in lower bids.

Top -Smart Phone – Samsung Galaxy Note N7100 II

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is a cross between a smartphone and a tablet. It’s bigger , better and in many ways more intelligent than most phones on the market today . You can navigate quickly and the screen is large enough to make it much easier for you life.

The Galaxy Note II is based on three things are 1. sail , 2 . capture , 3. party.

In this new generation, a phone is much more than just a communication device . It’s your office, your work , your host , your host, the data storage area , and more .


Samsung N7100 Galaxy Note II incorporates a quad -core Exynos processor clocked at 1.6 GHz . With this processor , designed for LTE networks , we can see how a great performance comes into play.

For the first time ever , the Galaxy Note II features Android 4.1 , also known as Jelly Bean. With its ” Super AMOLED HD touchscreen 5.5, which provides a display has a 16:9 aspect ratio . This format is the standard ratio for HD movie industries .

In addition , this smartphone has a great ability to multitask and fast display and browsing speed transition is despite its impressive speed.

It has 2 GB of internal RAM and 16 GB of file storage on board. You can also add up to 64 GB card Micro SD . The battery of this phone promises a 24 % longer life than the previous version , and is a bit lighter too.

In addition , this device has additional security features to safeguard sensitive data and communications.

Another feature I like about this phone is the S Pen. There’s nothing new to have a pen for all types of carpets, but the new features in this pen is its ability to design thinner, and the fact that when you miss a call back from the owner. Thus, never lose .

BlackBerry Curve 8520 Mobile Features

The new RIM BlackBerry Curve 8520 led to some great things and shapes also . So if you want to take a look at the BlackBerry Curve 8520, you have to check the features and functions and performance. RIM believes in providing the best to its users who are honest consumers to check the latest models with some new advanced featured in the next model . The BlackBerry Mobile now have taken the task of providing new ideas and futuristic for its new models as mini trackball flagship company now becomes a trackpad , as it is more convenient and easy to use.

The BlackBerry is an entry level phone that works effectively in the RIM BlackBerry OS . It has several powerful features that you find interesting and push email is very convenient to use and dedicated media keys . There is no doubt about the performance as it is very efficient and smooth. But yes , it comes with 3G , which is so popular these days and just can not sit without 3G connectivity. However, the speed is great and you get a faster browsing experience to compensate for the disadvantages . The phone comes with dedicated media keys and touch mute button . It supports BlackBerry App World so that users can download and install applications.

Holding the Nokia Lumia 920

Since the arrival of Windows 8, there have been many changes in equipment that fit technology. It also includes Windows 8 compatible phones that are launched , including the Nokia Lumia 920. Even after buying the phone , you may still wonder to begin with and understanding the underlying material can work. We will discover the tricks that will help you get the most out of their Lumia 920.

Talk to the text

Windows Phone 8 is driven by technology to recognize your voice . The voice recognition software called Microsoft Tellme . This function can be activated via a Bluetooth headset . Thus, any text messages you receive will be audible to you or read by the software. In addition , this software is very useful when you want to create a message , just tell know and send it to the appropriate contact .

Management Applications

Manage the applications running in the background has been made easy with Lumia 920 . This is made possible by the physical button again. To check this , hold down the back button will reveal all applications running on the phone . To close an application , just hit the Back button to return to the new integrated application , press the Back button. To close the application , you need not go to each application simply press and hold the Back button to close one after another.

get Notifications

The Optimal Video to Audio Conversions

It was not one anyone if you need to convert video files into audio, as long as you do not trade in it. The real reason is the unavailability of audio files. Even if you have no intention to purchase the original file. Well, we can forget about it for awhile debate. Now, all you need is the software that can produce quality audio. Movavi is a very useful application to support these goals. It was developed completely with all the upgrades and improvement. So, you can customize any format you would like.

Indeed, there are many simple applications that you can use to convert video formats. In fact, you can use them easily and instantly. Unfortunately, there are some problems such as the audio quality dropped dramatically. Generally, it occurs as a result of the compression process is not perfect. As a result, you can only create few bit rates.

The problem will get worse because you will only listen to a song by noises or distortion. It was very common even at high bit rates. Meanwhile, a conversions file also can not be expected to be optimal. Fortunately, you can use the most advanced software to overcome these problems. Please browse movavi to see the features that you need, there is a video converter, screen capture, game capture, SplitMovie also SWF to video converter.

Know your laptop inside out

Notebook or laptop as it is called , is rapidly gaining popularity among people of all ages because of its ease of portability solution , ultra easy to use interface , small appearance , elegant and intelligent, ergonomic keypad and advanced compared to desktop functionality .

Many do not know that laptops use less energy and produce less heat and less noise than desktop computers. One can perform a variety of tasks comfortably sending emails , listen to music, take pictures of other substantive business operations in a compact portable . The affordable price also acts as a catalyst for more people to opt for buying laptops . Different types of laptops are available as portable media center versatile ultraportable laptop even cheaper Thu According to one ` s need, you can choose a laptop .

A general curiosity might arise in a user ` s common spirit of the elements of what constitutes a book. For starters, a laptop is a compact and rather an important issue for portable air circulation model uses a dish in which all the elements fit easily design miniature . The laptop screen is an integrated unit is built and keyboard.

Custom Laptops for students

The laptops are used for many tasks and many students use their school. Get a customized notebook for a student would be quite ideal , but because students like things that are fashionable and stylish. Personalized Notebooks for education students also experience much more enjoyable. Students may find that the school is not exactly pleasant , but with their own laptops , the college experience is delicious.

The best way to connect students to a future light custom notebooks designed specifically for use by college goes. These records must be light and sturdy enough to withstand repeated use in college. Even you can do with specific characteristics based education so as to improve the learning and development of students. Custom notebooks offer students an attractive way in which to carry out their studies in a creative and fun .

The advantage of having custom notebooks is that it is easy for these laptops to be stolen . A laptop that has been designed specifically for the convenience of the student will have no resale value, as it is easily noticeable. Students like to be unique and a notebook is a distinctive brand personality of the student. When a laptop is like any other laptop available , it can be easy to sell and it is not easy to identify. A unique book will not be easy to fly , as it is very likely not like another and therefore not easy to fly, because it is easy to determine when recovered .

History and Issues of Notebooks

A Notebook or commonly called a notebook is a smaller version of the desktop. But its advantages are that all its components is a form of its own digital display portable laptop case , and is easily transportable. Usually weighs about 2-17 pounds ( 8.1 kg ) , depending on the brand , materials and other factors that come into play such as the parent company, etc.

Laptops operate with a singular battery (usually ) an AC / DC external . It recharges the battery , in turn , feeds the laptop also . Many laptops have a ‘ reserve cell 3V to power during power failures and when in places where there is no constant power supply . Laptops, personal computers are worthy and capable of doing the same work as the desktop . But they are less powerful than their desktop counterparts at the same price . This is due to the fact that most of the parts used in desktop computers are miniaturized to fit slim portable version of the machine.

Laptops usually have LCD ( liquid crystal display ) and use different memory modules for their RAM. Laptops usually have a touchpad (or trackpad ) for a mouse and integrated keyboard. But outside of such payments can also be set if the user wants to do.