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The Asus Zenbook New NX500 comes with 4k screen

Asus is a famous name in the computer industry , known for something new and innovative to the users to regularly release . Asus ‘s new product , which is supposed to draw attention is the Asus Zenbook NX500 . It’s like a new high-end aluminum Asus Ultrabook , which is all set to be released soon. The device has been discussed online , but has not yet made known practice. Inside is a superb sound and an impressive 15-inch 4K .

Asus, in this race trying to deliver the first of its portable 4k . Many providers already have devices that have already received nearly , including 2 Pro triggered Lenovo Yoga , Dell XPS 15 and over, but they are still 2.5 million pixels less than the actual ultra-high definition 4K resolution .

Asus seems to be the first company to offer this updated system on the market , unless the NX500 actually launched in the market. Meanwhile, Toshiba is also working on 4k models , some of which were presented at CES 2014, but the release date is supposed to be somewhere months from now .

All about Acer laptops

Acer is a Taiwanese , a leading computer products company. Created in 1970 , the company quickly became a gap in the IT industry . It is well known in computers and computer peripherals brands . Acer laptops have been categorized into suitable for customer requirements sections. They have the segregation of consumer laptops and business laptops. Their latest launch of Acer Aspire One series is one of the lowest price Acer laptops you will find in the market.

Bifurcations of the Acer laptops are a variety of needs . The Acer Aspire series is a good desktop replacement and some models also work as good laptops. The clarity of the LCD display and the wide range of features and compiled software applications make the Aspire series a gullible buy . The Acer Travelmate series is a combination of performance and ultra – portability. This series is for business class users who are frequent travelers .

Acer Aspire 5542G Review

The Acer 5542G is the replacement model of society for his series of popular 5536/5536G . The new model comes with an improved processor and a whole new Tigris platform. It was after waiting and phone calls over a week I became an Acer Aspire 5542G . When I read the data sheet , I was very happy to have the machine in my hands. Specifications AMD Turion II has a 2.2 Ghz, 3 GB DDR2 , ATI 4570 dedicated graphics card with 512 MB ​​of DDR3 memory and a generous 320GB hard drive at a lower price than RS 34000 , which is quite a tempting offer .

In this detailed review we will see how these specs meet the real performance needs .

Key Features:

In this section, we will examine in detail the key elements that make this notebook . I will also try to include specifications and details as well as out of the original manufacturer .

processor :

Acer Aspire 5542G comes with the second generation AMD Turion (AMD Turion II M500 ) processor clocked at 2.2 GHz , which houses a 1MB L2 cache . The Turion II M500 is manufactured with 45 nm technology . He belongs to the generation of processors Caspian and supports HyperTransport 3.0 and hardware virtualization .

AMD Turion is responding to mobile processors, which provides excellent performance while keeping power consumption to a minimum. The Turion processors generates less heat compared to office workhorses AMD who have a bad reputation in heat emission department . The Turion II is the next version of the decent performer Turion , it sets high expectations in terms of competing with the Core 2 Duo on the market. We’ll see how points when the actual future performance is compared.

Blackberry Bold vs iPhone 3G Review

Gadget Review: Blackberry Bold vs iPhone 3G. Blackberry or iPhone? That’s the question I hear every day from anyone who is looking for one of the gadgets. Well my friends, this review certainly shed some light on the two phones, and we hope you will be able to draw some conclusions at the end.

As you know from my previous post: Review gadget: iPhone 3G, I’m as happy iPhone owner. I have no Blackberry Bold, but many of my friends are in possession of competitive research In Motion (RIM) gadget. I played around with him several times, and I think I have established a very good “relationship” with the Blackberry.

The BlackBerry Bold has a very sleek design, unlike their predecessors. I imagined the look of the gadget very much. The QWERTY keyboard is easy to use as the buttons are well designed to enter data in this neat gadget. Now, one of the most important features of the Blackberry Bold is the screen. The gadget has a half VGA resolution 480 x 320 pixel color display. The picture quality is very clear, and I would be very happy to see the latest episode of Two and a Half Men. Email on the Bold is beautiful. I do not think there is real competition in this particular aspect of the Blackberry, since it is the main feature that RIM is trying to improve with each new gadget launch. And of course there’s the BlackBerry Messenger. Loved by many and desired by others. The Blackberry service is free, and has published in all Blackberry devices. This cool digital gadget greatly reduces your bill text messages. Now, of course, is only available for Blackberry phones, making it a unique feature for the device from RIM.

BlackBerry Storm Accessories Blackberry Storm Turning on a PDA

Mobile phone accessories are the way cell phone companies are making huge profits. To begin with the first, which would have an expensive phone with excellent features and accessories that would then use these features. The purchase of these expensive accessories keeps the income curve of mobile manufacturing companies in high burn-out of the pockets of poor clients. The same goes for the BlackBerry Storm accessories and BlackBerry Storm. The phone and Blackberry accessories are very expensive. But at the same time, if you know that the use of BlackBerry accessories at its best, these accessories can turn your BlackBerry Storm BlackBerry Storm in a PDF. The total cost of the phone, said it has spent on accessories for Blackberry would be even less than you pay for a PDA.

With this in mind the purchase BlackBerry Storm accessories, besides being expensive, is not a bad deal. Blackberry Accessories include a range of cables and chargers, cases, skin, screen protectors, batteries, memory cards and more. Blackberry Accessories needed to turn your phone into a PDA would be – Blackberry Cases, Blackberry Chargers, Blackberry and Bluetooth holders for the car.

Connecting with women-Use your BlackBerry

Did you ever go to see people cracking your BlackBerry? They sit there in a room full of strangers wonder why you can not meet people, while their eyes and thumbs are making love to your BlackBerry.

Have you ever seen someone involved in the preliminary BlackBerry? The lights are flashing. They grab your favorite BlackBerry. Quickly taken with the fingers and gently touch the side, so they can see what the mail came to seduce every bit of your attention.

Do any of these sound to you?

Is in your hands and caressing seduce a BlackBerry through the opposite sex?

Is this your BlackBerry touch the last thing before going to bed at night?

Is this your BlackBerry, the first touch (with care) in the morning?

Does the vibration in your BlackBerry is starting to turn?

I’m not saying break his BlackBerry. I tell you, think about your BlackBerry into a whole new light. . . as a tool to actually find someone of the opposite sex.

The five examples that I will describe can cause you and your BlackBerry into a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. Who knows? Maybe your BlackBerry and hit his BlackBerry and make the Blackberry small.

All following examples are for men, but women can basically use too. The next time you see a woman seduced by your BlackBerry, go and ask “What is interesting? I will show you my last text message, if you show me yours. He who has the most interesting text message the other a coffee purchase “.

It could also be a cocktail party, a donut or something. . . you get the point. I did. It works. That’s funny. Sometimes it makes good reading. Use your BlackBerry as a winger.

Send this text to himself on a Friday night. “? Hmmm … Last night was interesting One drink later,” When you get this text yourself, you need to find a couple of women who walk and say :

You:. . “¿I can bother for one second, I just got this great text of this woman, and I need your opinion about it, but before I show you this text, I must say more about the background story last night I went out with this woman. We had a glass of wine. We spent about an hour and a half together. I had a good time.

I was not sure if there was chemistry. I gave him a quick hug and told him to talk to him soon. What does this text?

Then hand over his wingman, i. e. , The BlackBerry device for them. Within three minutes, these women spent their BlackBerry talking about booty calls and dating.

You’ve been using your BlackBerry as the ultimate wingman. I’ve also done this with clients who were shy as can be. . . and runs all the time.

If you have the BlackBerry Pearl has a camera, you can go directly to a woman and ask her to take a picture of you and your partner.

This creates a magical moment BlackBerry. When you sit next to a woman who has a BlackBerry, make sure your BlackBerry is the mode of vibration.

Place your BlackBerry next to hers, barely touching the corners and create some tension BlackBerry sexy. The second of his BlackBerry vibrates, you get to her and she will come to yours.

There are two things you can say at this stage:

“I think your BlackBerry like mine on, because it can not vibrate.” O

“We’re like Pavlov’s dogs -. Two dogs trained to our BlackBerry at the same time, want to read my email and I’ll read yours, we will respond to foreigners?”.

They laugh. Making fun of other addiction BlackBerry is a great way to start a conversation.

While standing in a bar or a coffee while waiting for a friend, you can expect someone to text on your BlackBerry.

Wait a minute, seeks to achieve a text and move the head. Start talking to the woman standing next to you in no doubt that BlackBerry-equipped and waiting for a friend.

Then the obvious: “Your friend is as late as mine?” The two continue to keep their BlackBerries tight as you talk about your friends behind.

Here are some ways you can use your BlackBerry to meet women. They are fun, are clumsy, and they work. It’s time to start using your BlackBerry as a meeting place.

I bet you never knew how powerful and seductive that the device can be in a meeting of the opposite sex. Email me today so you can play on my BlackBerry and read about all new connections are.

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