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Linux training new users of Linux – Using Linux options

Most Linux distributions (versions) have UI business graphics (GUI) that you can use to make Linux administration. However, these “-pointer click” Linux utilities are slow and cumbersome and are different from one Linux distribution to another. Therefore, learning to use Linux and not spend time learning Linux GUI utilities.

As part of his training for Linux, one of the best benefits of learning Linux commands is that they are basically the same from one Linux (v) the distribution to another. And since there are over 130 different versions of the Linux operating system (OS), learn how to use Linux commands is the best way to learn how to use Linux to Linux system administration.

Linux Tips: If you are new to Linux and you need to get Linux training, learn how to use Linux commands, not graphical utilities.

Using the root user for Linux System Administration – Linux Training Online – Linux Concepts & Conditions

Often there are several terms Linux OS (operating system) that are similar, the same, or somehow related.

This article will clear up the confusion about the terms: root, / (root) and / root (the root user’s home directory)!

First, you will learn about the root, and then view a brief description of the / (root) and the (home directory) / root for root.

Linux Tips: Articles with names ending in “Linux Concepts and Terms” help you learn Linux “geek-Speak” (words). Learn Linux (“jargon” of Linux) be able to understand the concepts of Linux and easily learn how to use Linux. This is a great way to start Linux training.

The root

For the tasks of Linux system administration, including the creation of Linux users and assign permissions to users, you work as a Linux user called root.

The root user has all rights (rights, capabilities) every Linux system including all directories and files.

Linux users are used for day to day tasks such as word processing and working on a spreadsheet, are considered non-root users, or “regular”. When you do the work of Linux system administration, always work as non-root.

Linux Versus BSD with some focus on OpenBSD

What is a BSD Unix?

This article is not about the history of Unix; But Unix is a complex issue that deserves a few words in this regard: the BSD family of Unix is based on the source code of real Unix developed in Bell Labs, which was later purchased by the University of California. Thus the family name derived from BSD Unix called “Berkeley Software Distribution”. The contemporary BSD systems stand on the source code that was released in early 1990 (Net / 2 Lite and 386 release / BSD).

Not one person or entity owns BSD. Developers create enthusiastic and many of its components are open source.

BSD is behind the philosophy of TCP / IP and the Internet on the same network; Is a developed Unix system with advanced features. Except for proprietary BSD / OS, the development of which was suspended, currently four BSD systems available: FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Mac OS X, which is derived from FreeBSD. There are several of these ranges, such as PC-BSD – FreeBSD or OpenBSD Miros clone a clone. The intent of these forks is to include several previous missing features BSD systems, on which these (forks), no matter how they are designed, only strongly depend. PC-BSD, for example, has more graphical features than FreeBSD, but there are substantial differences between the two. PC-BSD can not breathe without FreeBSD; O FreeBSD are independent of each other.

What is Linux?

Linux Training – Linux Installation Help – Install Linux on Windows to Run Linux in Windows!

If you already have a computer system with Windows installed, you can easily get a free Linux distribution to install Linux on Windows. This allows you to run Linux in Windows and get Linux training so you can learn how to use Linux!

To run Linux in Windows virtual machine “player” (program) is executed, and then open a Linux virtual machine.

A Linux virtual machine is a complete new distribution of Linux, including the Linux operating system (OS) and Linux software, it has been compressed into a single file to download Linux.

All you need to do is download and install the player and free virtual Linux machine in a Linux virtual machine, so you can run Linux in Windows, as described in the following steps.

7 Steps to Install Linux on Windows to Run Linux in Windows!

The new notebook technology you need to know

Portable or mobile technology to advance lightning speed. Fast Ferrari. So fast that by the time you purchase your new laptop, you probably already obsolete or outdated. A sobering thought considering too high to pay for a high-end laptop price.

But laptop technology is changing so fast new innovations was commissioned as you read this article. Is there a new generation of notebook technology every two years or less. Therefore, if you buy or upgrade your laptop Each year, you are behind these elegant little powers can now deliver.

Cheap New Laptops – Three of the best

I realize that “cheap” is in the eye of the beholder. Not only that – the laptops in this article may not even be as cheap as something you could get off eBay or even as inexpensive as a refurbished laptop.

But in front of it, new laptops are almost always going to be more expensive than the equivalent configured PC desktop shape due to the need for miniaturization of components. And laptops have to use different technologies (more expensive) to optimize battery life.

In short, you will have to pay more for a laptop; or get less laptop for your dollar compared to a desktop PC.

That said, these three laptops Sony VAIO – HP Pavilion, and Dell Latitude – are all solid shop in a price range that is very competitive for new equipment. And they come from decent companies and offer a range of features as well.

Start …

Sony VAIO N170GT

The good thing about this model is that Sony has not so shabby frills on it. It’s a clean look is elegant, the design also. The screen is very bright, but do not get a lot of shine. The speed and performance is okay – nothing special, but the price is not bad. The battery is good for probably around four hours. Enough to watch a movie, if you’re on a flight, but again – no big deal.

The trick to buying new cheap laptops

There are many different brands of laptops that are affordable to your wallet. Some well-known brands also have affordable laptops for sale. If you want a laptop that fits your budget, find some brands of laptop that have cheaper prices.

Many people dream of having a new laptop brand for their personal use, but what if you can not afford to have this kind of computer?, You think I will not buy one if you can choose many computers you unbranded laptops at a cheaper price?

Here are some tips for you to look at:

Please note that all brand laptops are created equal. For example, an Apple laptop may cost twice as yet unnamed PC one is just as fast. Determine if you pay for quality or name brand.
Any cheap unbranded laptop or computer are not bad too. There are also new, cheaper laptops that have good quality parts.
All branded laptops or computers will not only last for a period of time; all depends on how you take care of it.
All new cheap laptops are not garbage, no matter what others think. They also have their own quality control. Just do not abuse your laptop when you use it. Like all things have a limit on how long they will last long and hoe they can take.

Tips for buying a new laptop

Buying a new laptop is something I consider a fairly major purchase. To begin, I want to clarify that I am actually working for a retail company that buys and sells all that he has to do with computers, and being a salesmen, I would like to bring my knowledge to the purchase of a new laptop computer correctly. This is particularly true for those who buy a new laptop for the first time, or buying a computer for the first time.

Step 1 – Define your goal and understand their needs

Hopefully that title does not scare you. Basically, the first question that I ask someone, when buying a laptop is: What will you use? In general, the answers are very simple: I have to work, or my daughter goes to school, and I’m a gamer and want to play the latest and greatest games out there. This is when you should consider answering that question yourself. But before that, there is a question you must answer for yourself, and that is: Are you or someone using your laptop, never to play new 3D games on it?

If your answer is:

NO: If your answer is no, then you have narrowed your selection of laptops up to 25% – 40% (depending on where you buy). One important thing to note is that if you do not play games on it, you do not want a “dedicated graphics card” on the laptop, because it is never used for that you do. The dedicated graphics card is an expensive piece of equipment and will not speed up your laptop for word processing, or the Internet, or even video editing.

Upgrading to a new laptop

With the rapid advancement of technology today, to the chagrin of many, sometimes it seems as if a laptop is obsolete three weeks after purchase. While the technicians seem to update their laptops every time Steve Jobs has a news conference, the vast majority of notebook users to wait several years before re-invest in a laptop by upgrading to a new model. However, when it comes time to take the plunge and start looking for a new laptop arrives, there are a number of things for consumers to consider.

The first of these is the price, and a new laptop everything is going to be expensive, it is important for consumers to consider the resale value of your used laptop to make a new one. To recover some of the cost of a new laptop, many consumers sell old laptops for cash before buying a new one. Sell ​​laptops for cash, consumers should look for a used computer dealer and get a quote. Once consumers have received a quote for your old laptops, which can either increase or the amount available for upgrade, or just save the extra money they earn from selling your old computer.

The most important accessories for a new laptop

When shopping for a new laptop, it is essential that the cost of a few essential accessories for your budget is calculated. While you can buy a laptop, and only a laptop, get some of the most important accessories for a new laptop with it will make your new machine much more comfortable to use, and therefore more enjoyable to own. Here are some of the most important accessories for a new laptop:

1. A laptop bag
The last thing you want to do with your brand new laptop is broken, and there is a much greater chance of that happening if you try to carry it without a holster suitable transport. Spending money on a quality, padded laptop sleeve you could save the cost of a new screen, or, in the case of accidents occur while you’re on the road.

2. A security cable for laptop
Although it is never advisable to leave your laptop unattended computer in an environment that could leave them exposed to theft, a security cable for laptop will allow you to protect your machine a fixed object, so it is difficult, if not impossible, to fly . The first thing any potential thief looking laptop is convenience – remove it, and your laptop safely.

3. A wireless mouse
Maybe you are used to the feel of a normal mouse, or perhaps can not work more efficiently on a trackpad, whatever the reason, a wireless mouse will work on your laptop much easier. The newest wireless mouse on the market connecting through a USB receiver, sync easily, and works on almost all surfaces.