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My new favorite personal productivity tool

I was about to ask for a newspaper to become my Bullet Journal when I saw that some people who liked the philosophy of Bullet Journal reported using ideas with an online tool called WorkFlowy. While I had used or seen at least a dozen tools online task list over the years, I did not know.

So before I ordered the review, I checked WorkFlowy. He fell in love!

I realized that all other personal productivity tools, I had tried over the years forced me to adjust my thinking a little or a lot to use the tool. So I went back to pen and paper to my daily list of things to do. He matched only thought how my day. But WorkFlowy let me organize my thoughts and plans exactly the way my brain works. And it is so flexible, I imagine it would work for people whose brains are different from mine – everyone, I guess.

Motorola G2: The Blockbuster Budget Smartphone

Motorola X may have been his first success in the revival that has seen in the last two years. Great looking, aggressive price phone midrange balance with almost Android version. This, more eye-catching performance of a fast processor, was a winning combination and the Moto X flew off the shelves.

The Motorola truly magnificent movement, however, was to make a similar version of Moto X at an even lower price. Motorola G still had more success because it had all the basics of Moto X, but at a truly affordable price that was half the buyers of smartphones worldwide, not just in the United States. The Moto G has been successful in the world to put new Motorola on the map, in many countries that had not sold a smartphone of note in recent years.

Tips for Becoming a Top Realtor

The first key to becoming a top real estate agent is to have a real love real estate. Are you really interested in helping people buy and sell homes? It gives you a sense of joy when you help a young Buying your first home partner? Do you have a sense equivalent when helping a recently retired couple in selling their big house and away from a beachfront condo? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we recommend you choose another profession.

Are you connected to a realtor? This is really a different animal on whether you like or not real estate. Now we ask you if you have what it takes to commit fully to the industry and customers. Although some people have a real job as a hobby; if you get it right, you really should make a commitment to it full time. This is not just a nine to five. You must be available when your customers need. You often have to work around their schedules. This means a lot of nights and weekends for you. You will be involved in all aspects of real estate transaction; even the mundane parts. Are you willing to make that kind of time to your business and customers?

5 reasons why you should choose an iPhone

Since its launch in 2007, the iPhone has found many fans; many of which were already avid users of Apple. However, over the years, it was almost impossible to separate the iPhone from the concept of smartphone and now iconic device continues to attract new users who are disenchanted with either other types of mobile phones or which is the first smartphone.

What makes the iPhone so special? Why choose any other devices such as smartphones Android?

1. A single iOS

Although it may seem obvious, the iPhone is made by Apple. Unlike many other mobile operating systems like Android that is used by a lot of manufacturers like Samsung, HTC and Sony-Ericson, iOS only used on the iPhone.

This means there is no need for new users compare mobile and fans continue to buy the phone because its features remain similar from one model to another.

Non-trick futuristic M9 HTC Smartphone

A favorite phones is always the HTC One (M8). It has been appreciated for its beautiful design, beautiful screen and construction. But some defects arise in it – ie the UltraPixel camera – prevented the phone to become the best. To correct this situation, the HTC One M9 happened. It’s a good 20 MP camera around your back and layout has been redesigned without losing their characteristics that have made special. These are some of the impressions that would make the greatest hope M9 HTC 2015.

Design and Construction

The last three years have seen HTC build a reputation for great design and construction of high class quality. The M8 is designed to play and M9 many highly conserved over the original design. The front is angular while the back is curved, with highly polished finish sides and different color.

Speed ​​Goes High-Tech: Computer Chip Tuning Engine

Modern cars come with chips performance electronic control unit. Most vehicles on the road have been adjusted so that they limit engine performance more frequently to meet emission standards. However, the computer chip in the car easily can be programmed to engine optimization. You will notice an increase in fuel consumption and smooth driving experience to start and in the long run, the motor will work better. For maximum power, you can use the power of the chip, module air intake, exhaust, and candles.

Update the engine of your car with a performance chip

Installing a performance chip is relatively easy, as it requires to be plugged into the electrical system to accept the validated data. Your car is capable of much more power than you think and reconfiguration of the electronic control unit only prove the same. Without overloading your vehicle more, you will experience more power and torque. You can program the chips power, so you do not have to deal with updating your engine completely. But you have to buy one that is specific to the make and year of your car if you know him best. Also, make sure that it is well maintained Chipping car and not one that has not been maintained over the years.

IT Performance Chips environmentally friendly

Who would have thought a few months ago so many people start questioning performance computer chips to help save fuel?

With the latest technology available for servomotors with a laptop and a computer chip, there are many people who are more concerned about the ability of your vehicle for maximum energy efficiency.

When a vehicle is able to more easily it is often cheaper and can be seen in the mass production models where there are larger engine variants of the same model with low fuel consumption.

This is because the larger engine is not working as hard as smaller engine and the same principles apply to the improvements that can be made with the computer chip in the management system of most modern cars.

The future of Chip – Human Brain Interfaces examined

The other day, someone contacted me abroad to do research on the human brain, particularly computer interfaces. Professor of Neurobiology doing a research paper and told me; “It is possible that an interface device / equipment in the future.” Now, yes, well, I agree with what he actually said, many future implications in all this.

Tap believe the neural network and adding a calculation chip brain signals to convert to ones and zeros can be thought for trade. And, of course, add-on memory as a PhD in physics, mathematics and engineering on a chip and connected to the Internet that allows a human being to appear to be omniscient and IBM Watson. The applications are endless, not only for control cars, airplanes, computers, wheelchairs, apparatus, equipment, but for human interaction “Arthur C. Clarke, 3001” cap space “style” too.

Computer chips operating cars and trucks

With apologies to Superman, computer chips or Superchips embodiment are becoming a popular way for car enthusiasts to get more power out of their cars. Basically what a mod superchip done is to store a new engine management program on the computer of your car. A significant increase in power and torque and improved driveability are the main advantages of this type of chip. Installation is easy and the price is right … let’s see how easy and profitable development of a superchip below.

Depending on the make / model of your car or truck, superchip can help your vehicle 9-60 handle more power. Not bad considering some compact cars barely reach 115 horsepower. Yes, you can choose for the more powerful engine with a few cars but the $ 1,000 or more increase in price to belittle the price of a superchip. Better go to the superchip and pocket the savings.

Lab created Diamond Computer chips

Silicon chips have reached the limit of its capacity to act as semi-conductor of electricity. “Silicon chips”, MIT professor of materials science, Dr. Wuensch States “melt into a puddle” at that speed and the diamond is the solution to this problem. A modern computer system generates heat Office [100] degrees, enough to heat a small office on a cold day.

This led scientists to discover a replacement material that can handle more power with higher conductivity without overheating. This search has sparked a global race to take control of the computer industry and the synthetic diamond.

The main actors in this search are De Beers, which controls the mines of the most productive and valuable land located in S. Africa Botswana diamonds. Apollo and synthetic diamond producing lab-created diamonds United States