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High-End Headphones VR 2016 – Oculus Rift

Headphones VR 2016

In the fiction writer of science Stanley Weinbaum 1930 he introduced the idea of a pair of glasses (goggles Pygmalion) that allows the user experience of a fictional world.

Fast forward to 1987 Jaron Lanier popularized the term “virtual reality”. He founded VPL, a company that develops and sells glasses and virtual reality gloves.

Fast forward again to 2016, we are now at the dawn of a new era in virtual reality. Finally technological developments have enabled developers to create immersive amazing experience that will revolutionize gaming and entertainment. The technology has also become affordable enough to be accepted by the general public.

The most popular VR helmets (also known as HMD or Head Mounted Display) on the market today are the Samsung Gear VR, the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The Samsung Gear VR was published in November 2015, the Oculus Rift in March 2016 and this was followed closely by HTC to live the next month.

With iBeacon HomeKit – What can we expect

ibeacon homkit

IBeacon Low Energy Bluetooth is a communication technology (BLE), which allows mobile applications to capture the beacon signals in the physical world and react. It allows mobile applications to assess their position on a micro-scale and offer a hyper-contextual content for users based on their location. We take a look at how these two efforts Internet Thing (IO) Apple will work together to make our lives easier.

IBeacon in HomeKit

Currently, iBeacon was widely marketed by Apple for the retail environment. HomeKit technology BLE Apple harvest will be accessible to a wider customer base, which is the creation of a smart home. At its most fundamental level, the report iBeacon Apple smart home user presence when they return home and all systems will start according to the predefined conditions to welcome and ready to use.

Using smart devices iBeacon Home

IBeacon can be used to define actions of smart devices such as lights, fans, heating / cooling, television, etc., among other things. With the integration of Siri, simple commands and voice memos and voice will automate systems enabled devices. Different applications such as calendar and notes application can also be used to work in tandem with the Starter Kit and iBeacon to give orders to the various smart devices in the home.

HomeKit currently offers native support with iBeacon to control lighting of the house, there is much that can be done if the imagination is stretched. For example, a key label to help your smartphone to track your key when he moved to the house. On the other hand, when the key is inserted into the lock, programmed lights will illuminate various ways as soon as you enter the house.

Home iBeacon apple

In 2014, Apple introduced a proposal for the creation of the first dedicated iBeacon – compatible hardware product label for your smart home. Apple will iBeacon iPhone, iPad or other compatible IOS in a temporary label detection. So HomeKit used, the user will be able to control the locks, lights, doors, security cameras, switches, sockets, kitchen appliances and more. Apple will not provide the hardware for many devices iBeacon label third-party hardware already available. Apple iBeacon act more like a centralized control center that can be fired from the iPhone or iWatch.

What kind of intelligent applications Home Can You Build Using iBeacon and HomeKit

There are a lot of applications that are available for lighting control and other basic activities inside the house. However, these are not yet fully developed to be truly effective. We bring you some ideas that can be applied with iBeacon HomeKit to create a space for intelligent life.

A iBeacon to notify some recipients of your arrival. For example, the presence of family members can be detected through the application entering or leaving the house

automatically lock on or off devices such as computers, laptops or television in the house when the beacon device is not close

Taking pictures of the security camera or webcam remotely and send to it by the firing chamber by iBeacon. Thus, any photograph of the intruder can be captured and stored safely, even as the resident of the house is not home

Turn the music system in the car or at home to play a particular song when the device is close beacon

Beacons are easy to install and configure and shipments BLE Beacon must extend more than 400 million units over the next five years, a report from ABI Research. With the IOS 10 All ready to go to market next year, the use of technology soon iBeacon widespread worldwide.

Previous performance view of their mobile offering

mobile analysis

Mobility Services

In this fast moving world, there is an imminent order to access information and make decisions anytime and anywhere need. Mobility is at the forefront of this transformation by putting the business moving, helping to connect with customers, partners, employees and machines 24×7. mobility services are offered by companies across a wide variety of portable devices, from smartphones, tablets, devices infotainment, biometric devices, digital televisions and set-top boxes, digital cameras, USB and Wi-Fi digital photo frames and several IP phones.

Some of these services include:

• mobile strategy, application development and lifecycle management
• Integration of cloud, platform portability and migration
• The integration of media Middleware
• wireless activation for Business Intelligence and Analytics
• Testing mobile applications and quality control
• Performance Optimization
• The housing design, engineering usability and GUI
• IO and connected devices application

The need for Mobile Analytics