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Strikes electronic commerce among the thousands

Strikes electronic commerce

Mobile commerce is not only growing, but also the future of your company in this digitally driven environment. In 2015, mobile commerce almost accounted for nearly 30% of e-commerce sales in the United States alone. If this data is to believe, they would realize that mobile commerce could help increase conversions and build a positive return on investment for your business. It is not only true for the United States but also North Korea and Japan. With mobile commerce, you can touch base in different countries and you can place your business in global markets.

But most businesses and start thinking about whether to invest in an electronic application or trade? Is it prudent to enter a saturated and highly competitive market as well? The answer is yes! I should really think about entering this market will increase your opportunities to maximize their reach. Of course, you need a partner who can help you win your audience with the implementation of the right solution. When developing applications for e-commerce business is planned, it is necessary to focus on the user experience, usability and brand. Here, you can develop an e-commerce application that is loved by thousands.

Include a secure payment gateway

Cognitive computing is revolutionizing supervised learning

cognitive computing

It seems that science fiction is materializing quickly in reality? Is it possible that computers simulate human thought process more and more every day? Modern technology and artificial intelligence seems to accelerate at full speed. The era of cognitive computing incorporates self-learning systems that mimic the recognition of the language and model, mimicking the way the human brain works.

computer systems running on pattern recognition, natural language processing, problem diagnosis, and increasing the speed of innovation are able to act as a liaison for human meet with the digital environment. Computers are becoming decision makers for this new era of technology that changes the way to remodel and transform industries.

Are you looking for new ways to create more attractive customer experiences, accelerate the growth potential of your business and find ways to work smarter? Are they based on data mining algorithms and learning to process information? The discovery of patterns by analyzing and processing of the raw data by generating new Predicted useful information and creating new customer experiences, increase revenue and accelerate business growth while operating more innovative and smarter .

Fiber Optic Tool you must have

Fiber optic tool

You need fiber optic tools for installation and maintenance of fiber optic cables. Different types of tools you need for your job are:

splicing tools

Your name, these are tools that are used to melt the optical fibers together. There are several types of these tools you can go with. They include: fusion splicing, fiber blade, oven heat, protective sleeves fiber splices and others. There are two types of joint you can use: mechanical and fusion splicing. mechanical splice using splicing tools to hold the two ends of fiber optic cable that allows light to pass from one fiber to another.

In fusion splicing, using a machine to align the fiber ends and fuse welding glass ends or using an electric arc. This fusion method is preferred by many because it produces a continuous connection between the fibers, ensuring that very little light is lost.

You’re never too old to learn to code

Learn Code

Laurie Alaoui, a student of 57 years in the General Assembly, an encryption program education began in that dream when she was inspired by a TEDTalk in augmented reality technology called SixthSense gesture, developed at the MIT Media Lab, according to this article Selena Larson, issue of the nucleus.

“He got open source, I had never heard of before, and that means it’s on the web and can be taken down and can use the code to do what you want. I thought it was so amazing, and is to give everything. “Laurie gushed when he described his impressions of the tip of the pen speaker for moving images on a screen and displaying a clock face on the arm with a gesture to the event.

Learn to develop your community Magento


Do you have a website running on the Magento platform? If so, then the first thing you need to do to get a greater number of sellers and buyers in your ecommerce store is the creation of a community of Magento. To take advantage of your store and create satisfied customers, a good community is needed inside and outside the Magento site. Again, it is preferable that the management of a blog or create a Facebook page, providing a community based on market trends and user data.

So if you are also in Magento e-commerce development, here are some amazing ideas to help you build the Magento community.

Encourage specialists based in the United SAS IT

SAS Global Certification program

Most IT companies look for problems / critical bottlenecks in the network of very complex and distributed data. It is important that companies understand these issues and using holistic techniques for synchronization, align, streamline, refine, analyze and reformat your important data for various applications. Not only it helps them gain an advantage, but also to organize your data in a professional manner. Of course, reporting heavy data and resources attractive formats require high-level programming, assets and efforts. Today, IT departments manage tons of software applications to manage, organize and analyze your data flexibly.

IT companies need absolute tools

Therefore, to reduce this complexity, it is essential to provide an absolute tool in the system that can feed the entire organizations and provide necessary support for the entire company in a practical way. Companies must conclude generously to align and accelerate their programming efforts to reduce the increasing cost and produce analytical reports that can help decision making.

Key to consider before choosing a theme


Designing your ecommerce store is a key aspect to take into account when considering online trading. Perhaps, it is the first thing your company, customer notes before buying a product and, therefore, it must be done correctly. Shopify theme shop houses hundreds of issues and make the right choice could be a little intimidating.

It responds to the concern, following this is the must-have features to look before choosing a theme Shopify.

easy navigation

An experienced mainly by online shoppers barrier is browsing the products themselves and while selling a series of brilliant brands, it becomes intimidating enough to keep sailing down at least. It is essential to choose a theme that will help you have fewer “levels” for navigation as possible.

Receptive without sacrifice

OpenCart: The e-commerce solution for high-end building online stores

e-commerce business

The process of developing an e-commerce store is quite daunting. First, it is necessary to rely on a competent and viable solution that will drive business performance transparent. Currently, there are a number of shopping carts online, it comes with several functional abilities. Given the varied platforms OpenCart has a notable presence in the area because of its extensive functionality.

The main goal of any business is generating revenue. Similarly, online stores still insist on increasing sales figures, while expanding online audience, which is certainly possible integration with OpenCart.

simple configuration store

A process clear and simple installation is one of its basic features. Whether you own a store or technology savvy trader in the line of non-advanced. With this platform, all business development task becomes easy. You do not need deep technical knowledge to install. However, with experienced developers OpenCart, you can get the guarantee of successful completion of the whole process.

Ease of use and performance

site speed is another concern, which greatly affects the user experience. OpenCart caddies are light enough to implement AJAX to reduce load times, increasing the speed of the store.