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Easy to find the IP address of your router

IP Address

Routers act as mediator between the computer and the broadband connection. It selects the best way to deliver your host data packet, which significantly increases the speed. They are located at a gateway, a coordination center for two or more networks. Wireless broadband routers and are the two most commonly used routers.

The IP address is translated by the Internet protocol address. Each router has one. This is a string of numbers, which serves as an identification tag for the device participating in the computer network. Here is a list of IP addresses by default depending on the brand.

· Linksys –

· Netgear and D-Link –

· Belkin and SMC –

You need to know the router’s IP address if you want to access the web-based configuration page. Although there are websites showing the router’s default IP address, yours may have changed due to the following reasons. Maybe there has been a change of infrastructure at the end of the ISP. You may have updated the firmware, resulting in a change in the interface. Maybe there was an intercept where someone could access your device and change the network settings. Unknown to you, there is a possibility changed during the configuration of the router.

Brief presentation of high performance computing

high performance

By definition, supercomputers are the fastest and most powerful computers available, and today, the term refers to machines with hundreds of thousands of processors. They are the superstars of the high-performance computing class. Personal computers (PCs) small enough in size and cost to be used by an individual, but powerful enough for scientific and advanced engineering applications, can also be high-performance computers. We define HPC as machines with a good balance between the following main elements:

Functional units in several floors (pipeline).
Multiple central processing units (parallel machines).
Multiple cores.
Fast central registers.
Best memories fast.
A rapid communication between functional units.
Vector processors, video or matrix.
Software that incorporates the above elements effectively.

As a simple example, it does not make sense to have an incredibly high speed processor along with a memory system and software that can not keep pace.

Computers and supercomputers are often associated with large government-funded organizations or academic institutions. However, most of today’s high performance computing are in the commercial sector, in areas such as aerospace, automotive, semiconductor design, design and manufacture of large equipment, energy and financial exploration.

HPC is used in other areas where very important calculations such as fluid dynamics, simulation and complex electromagnetic material analysis are required to ensure a high level of precision and predictability, products that give better and safer more efficient. For example, HPC is used to model the aerodynamics, thermal and mechanical properties of a subset of motor or components to find exactly the right design that balances efficiency, reliability, cost and safety is the first thing to spend millions of dollars prototypes of a product real.

Types of Network Switches

Types of Network Switches

Network switches are a useful piece of equipment to be included in a computer network consisting of several devices. There are some types of network switches that play a different role in network management. An important function is the ability to direct traffic and ensure that data packets sent over the network reach the desired location. By installing the appropriate set of switches, it is possible to run a system without depleting the resources and to ensure that the connected devices are operating effectively.

There are a total of four network switches that include the managed, intelligent, managed, and unmanaged enterprise. Different types have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to use the right components to create the most efficient and economical effective system.

Here is a summary of the different types of network switches:


The unmanaged type is the most profitable in the market and a popular choice for home or small business established. One of its main functions is to help manage the type of data traveling between two or more computers and a shared printer. It rarely has to be seen or configured and is extremely easy to implement.


This type is more advanced and comes with an integrated software or user interface to allow the necessary adjustments to improve the functionality of the network. This system is the most used by the efficient network administrator because they are much more complicated to use and it is important to configure with suitable parameters.

Appointment Scheduling Software – The Benefits and choose the best

Software helps to manage appointment scheduling appointments. This is very important for businesses, including those in the service industry, because clients and customers are always looking for convenience and do not like waiting in line. With proper appointment, you are able to see customers and meet their needs, without wasting time and with many waiting to be served in trouble giving everyone easily manage.

Planning software allows customers to book appointments online anywhere. Some platforms are very good because they allow for you as a company to handle payments and deposits online. With such an important tool, they are able to manage and serve customers well and everyone is happy at the end of the day. With this software, you do not need to get someone to answer calls and schedule appointments.

Some of the companies that can most benefit from appointment scheduling software include fitness centers, medical clinics, spas and salons. consultants and professional photographers will also find a system so useful for follow-up appointments.

5 Common Problems with fiber optic cables

fiber optic

Most fiber optic cables are designed by professionals and are designed to work efficiently for a long time. Although this is the case, this does not mean that the units no problems develop. Like other units, cables and develop problems must be identified and corrected. To help here are some of the most common problems of fiber optic fiber:

external damage

common external excisions from damage and scratches in the units. The units are very sensitive; Therefore, even smaller damage the ability to prevent the effective transfer of signals. If you have fixed some flaws in their units, that will change as soon as possible.

RFID in libraries – How does an RFID solution for library work?

rfid technology in libraries

What an RFID solution is the library?

A typical RFID management system libraries consists of RFID tags, a label converting station, a self-service machine, purchasing inventory, RFID security door and mailbox foreign books 24 hours.

1. RFID tags library – the system kernel. An RFID tag library is equipped with a programmable chip and an antenna and can be set inside the back cover of a book or directly onto a CD.

Conversion Station 2. Tag – provides a quick and easy solution to link library items with RFID tags.

3. Auto Service Station- works as a combined station that offers check in and check out.

4. Inventory Cart- usually is equipped with a large RFID antenna with excellent detection rates, so it is easier for librarians inventory items.

Importance of mobile applications for small businesses

mobile application for small business

The world has become mobile. The number of users of smart phones worldwide has increased exponentially over the last five years. The number of Android and iOS sold around the world reached a billion marks each. Therefore, not only enough to have a website for your business. Any company, large or small should have a mobile application. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should opt for a mobile application for your business:

1. Branding – A mobile application is the best way to create awareness of your company. You can use your logo, your company slogan or message you want your customers to connect with your business to create brand awareness. Whenever a customer who has downloaded mobile applications see your logo as an icon on your phone screen, they remember.