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The war of mobile applications is end

The world of application is the world, where competition is fierce! The struggle between Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS is pretty obvious. These are two large platforms with a single force and have access to many applications. Who will finally win the mobile application war?

Google pays millions to Apple to make its search engine default search provider for iOS devices, but Google collects more ads on Apple devices. Apple and iOS only exist to serve 15 percent. 100 of the richest segment of the world’s population for everyone to be on Android. Research shows that Google Android has received almost 78% of the market share worldwide. A number of research companies show that the market is leaning towards Android. Single market participation is not the only important factor. Android OS phones are mostly low end phones and users in this market are generally not large consumers. Apple, meanwhile, works at the top end and should have 800 million credit cards on iTunes. That’s a lot of money to develop your iPhone application company.

During the first week of January this year, iOS fans have spent some $ 500 million iPhone apps and purchase on app, which is a huge amount. There are obvious reasons for Apple’s success. Quality control is very important, as Apple maintains strict control over the operating system of the hardware and smartphone. In addition, Apple will spend a lot of money on developers every year. But Google Play’s global downloads are higher than the App Store, as the Android user base is huge. The Google Play Store has outpaced Apple as the number of applications it receives over and the number of developers working on the platform.

Eight Categories Trends in mobile gameplay in 2017

mobile games

The first mobile world has made a number of evolving joint market opportunities for business. Applications have become a great source of information for people buying movie tickets, online shopping, payments, routine tasks and more. From education to entertainment, business to bank, travel to medical care, a number of categories emerged. By adhering to it, here are 8 categories the most important trends and the most Evolving 2017 to consider for your next project.

online purchases
Today, the most popular online shopping applications greatly stimulate the trend of mobile shopping. This helps users to buy the items they simply want to download. With advanced search options based on different categories, age group, prices, discounts and other festive offers, you can help users make purchases online easily and quickly.

The demand for services
By sending your package during the vacation of an instant car reservation, the on-demand service applications perform functions that make life easier. This is a subset of traditional exchange and delivery services. Popular demand services emerge as a reliable and highly technological transport available to people, making their daily lives easier.

With mobile apps your agenda can be successful

An agenda planning is a difficult task in which you have to take into account many things. An error can result in massive crashes, making the event a major failure. While marketers spend a good deal of money on event arrangements, they have not achieved the desired results at all times. So you are looking for better marketing methods and mobile applications have become very popular these days.

Today, many global events provide an application to their participants to increase customer engagement. Mobile applications are able to provide an elite class experience for participants, allowing them to stay in touch with event planners. Keep this in mind, let’s discuss some of the benefits of having an app for your event.