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Swimming on Microsoft Surface

The latest version of the Microsoft Pro series has finally emerged. The new Pro surface has just been released and is ready for purchase. Includes some beautiful updates and updates from people living Pro 4.

First, it is the name. Those waiting on Surface Pro 5 may remain on hold. Microsoft got rid of every sequential number. Now it’s only superficial Pro, period.

The Pro surface is best known for its versatility and can be used in portable mode, in studio or in tablet mode. The new model adds some more features.

You can open the foot support and add the signature to cover the use of the laptop or lower the foot support for study use. A new hinge down the machine up to 165 degrees from the previous 150 degree mark. Remove the stand and cover and have a standalone tablet.

Impressive reasons to invest in mobility

With advances in mobile technology, mobile application development has become a focal point of IT activity. Companies perform most of the operations in the applications and, therefore, the development of the application for smartphones has increased collectors. Due to its greater use, the applications have become one of the most important elements of the current market.

Slowly, as smartphones are common and affordable, the application market seems to grow exponentially. Every entrepreneur wants to be contemporary and modern and, therefore, will try to reach the next generation that is young and dynamic. Businesses use mobile phones and applications as a means to communicate effectively and efficiently with customers.

The latest trends in Android application development to see in 2017

Each year a wide range of technologies used to execute the essential purpose of our life easier, the better. In 2008, Android has come up with its first version of the operating system and has since continued his legacy to launch a number of enhanced features to redefine the user experience. With a market share exceeding 80%, has become the dominant player in the mobile industry and maintain your site, Google is about to face a technology problem this year too.

These are some of the most evolving trends to keep an eye on the field of Android application development in 2017.

Search application
With the launch of research in the application, Android helps users to find any type of content on their phone. However, compared to the common search option included in all Android tablets and smartphones, the search function in the application is the Google search bar in the applications already installed on your smartphone. In addition, Google has integrated this functionality seamlessly into applications as popular as YouTube, Gmail and Spotify. However, they will multiply the number of applications supported by the application in the future.