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Blackberry Bold vs iPhone 3G Review

Gadget Review: Blackberry Bold vs iPhone 3G. Blackberry or iPhone? That’s the question I hear every day from anyone who is looking for one of the gadgets. Well my friends, this review certainly shed some light on the two phones, and we hope you will be able to draw some conclusions at the end.

As you know from my previous post: Review gadget: iPhone 3G, I’m as happy iPhone owner. I have no Blackberry Bold, but many of my friends are in possession of competitive research In Motion (RIM) gadget. I played around with him several times, and I think I have established a very good “relationship” with the Blackberry.

The BlackBerry Bold has a very sleek design, unlike their predecessors. I imagined the look of the gadget very much. The QWERTY keyboard is easy to use as the buttons are well designed to enter data in this neat gadget. Now, one of the most important features of the Blackberry Bold is the screen. The gadget has a half VGA resolution 480 x 320 pixel color display. The picture quality is very clear, and I would be very happy to see the latest episode of Two and a Half Men. Email on the Bold is beautiful. I do not think there is real competition in this particular aspect of the Blackberry, since it is the main feature that RIM is trying to improve with each new gadget launch. And of course there’s the BlackBerry Messenger. Loved by many and desired by others. The Blackberry service is free, and has published in all Blackberry devices. This cool digital gadget greatly reduces your bill text messages. Now, of course, is only available for Blackberry phones, making it a unique feature for the device from RIM.

BlackBerry Storm Accessories Blackberry Storm Turning on a PDA

Mobile phone accessories are the way cell phone companies are making huge profits. To begin with the first, which would have an expensive phone with excellent features and accessories that would then use these features. The purchase of these expensive accessories keeps the income curve of mobile manufacturing companies in high burn-out of the pockets of poor clients. The same goes for the BlackBerry Storm accessories and BlackBerry Storm. The phone and Blackberry accessories are very expensive. But at the same time, if you know that the use of BlackBerry accessories at its best, these accessories can turn your BlackBerry Storm BlackBerry Storm in a PDF. The total cost of the phone, said it has spent on accessories for Blackberry would be even less than you pay for a PDA.

With this in mind the purchase BlackBerry Storm accessories, besides being expensive, is not a bad deal. Blackberry Accessories include a range of cables and chargers, cases, skin, screen protectors, batteries, memory cards and more. Blackberry Accessories needed to turn your phone into a PDA would be – Blackberry Cases, Blackberry Chargers, Blackberry and Bluetooth holders for the car.

Connecting with women-Use your BlackBerry

Did you ever go to see people cracking your BlackBerry? They sit there in a room full of strangers wonder why you can not meet people, while their eyes and thumbs are making love to your BlackBerry.

Have you ever seen someone involved in the preliminary BlackBerry? The lights are flashing. They grab your favorite BlackBerry. Quickly taken with the fingers and gently touch the side, so they can see what the mail came to seduce every bit of your attention.

Do any of these sound to you?

Is in your hands and caressing seduce a BlackBerry through the opposite sex?

Is this your BlackBerry touch the last thing before going to bed at night?

Is this your BlackBerry, the first touch (with care) in the morning?

Does the vibration in your BlackBerry is starting to turn?

I’m not saying break his BlackBerry. I tell you, think about your BlackBerry into a whole new light. . . as a tool to actually find someone of the opposite sex.

The five examples that I will describe can cause you and your BlackBerry into a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. Who knows? Maybe your BlackBerry and hit his BlackBerry and make the Blackberry small.

All following examples are for men, but women can basically use too. The next time you see a woman seduced by your BlackBerry, go and ask “What is interesting? I will show you my last text message, if you show me yours. He who has the most interesting text message the other a coffee purchase “.

It could also be a cocktail party, a donut or something. . . you get the point. I did. It works. That’s funny. Sometimes it makes good reading. Use your BlackBerry as a winger.

Send this text to himself on a Friday night. “? Hmmm … Last night was interesting One drink later,” When you get this text yourself, you need to find a couple of women who walk and say :

You:. . “¿I can bother for one second, I just got this great text of this woman, and I need your opinion about it, but before I show you this text, I must say more about the background story last night I went out with this woman. We had a glass of wine. We spent about an hour and a half together. I had a good time.

I was not sure if there was chemistry. I gave him a quick hug and told him to talk to him soon. What does this text?

Then hand over his wingman, i. e. , The BlackBerry device for them. Within three minutes, these women spent their BlackBerry talking about booty calls and dating.

You’ve been using your BlackBerry as the ultimate wingman. I’ve also done this with clients who were shy as can be. . . and runs all the time.

If you have the BlackBerry Pearl has a camera, you can go directly to a woman and ask her to take a picture of you and your partner.

This creates a magical moment BlackBerry. When you sit next to a woman who has a BlackBerry, make sure your BlackBerry is the mode of vibration.

Place your BlackBerry next to hers, barely touching the corners and create some tension BlackBerry sexy. The second of his BlackBerry vibrates, you get to her and she will come to yours.

There are two things you can say at this stage:

“I think your BlackBerry like mine on, because it can not vibrate.” O

“We’re like Pavlov’s dogs -. Two dogs trained to our BlackBerry at the same time, want to read my email and I’ll read yours, we will respond to foreigners?”.

They laugh. Making fun of other addiction BlackBerry is a great way to start a conversation.

While standing in a bar or a coffee while waiting for a friend, you can expect someone to text on your BlackBerry.

Wait a minute, seeks to achieve a text and move the head. Start talking to the woman standing next to you in no doubt that BlackBerry-equipped and waiting for a friend.

Then the obvious: “Your friend is as late as mine?” The two continue to keep their BlackBerries tight as you talk about your friends behind.

Here are some ways you can use your BlackBerry to meet women. They are fun, are clumsy, and they work. It’s time to start using your BlackBerry as a meeting place.

I bet you never knew how powerful and seductive that the device can be in a meeting of the opposite sex. Email me today so you can play on my BlackBerry and read about all new connections are.

source ccinformatica – informatica

BlackBerry Curve 9860 a new direction for RIM

The BlackBerry Torch was one of the most successful BlackBerry phones in recent years and its excellent marriage of keyboard touch screen and QWERTY keyboard is easy to see why. The flame provides an easy way to write messages, e-mail and BlackBerry Messenger at the same time it features a little more tact to date. Combined with the Torch 9810 to opt out of the same design as the original BlackBerry 9860 Torch choose a style that is conventional for the BlackBerry brand.

Research in Motion (RIM) that are BlackBerry handset manufacturers, tried full touch screen phones in the body in the past. However, in general have not met with great satisfaction that traditional phones or BlackBerry touchscreen phones from other manufacturers. In the example of the BlackBerry Storm, not really capture the public attention and many people were a little dismayed by how the touch screen is implemented.

Thus, the BlackBerry Curve 9860 really marks the touchscreen phone from RIM first major. In part by Research in Motion has eliminated the system SurePress clumsy previously used in the storm and replaced by a more conventional capacitive screen, like those found on iPhone 4 and Galaxy S2, and in part by Research in Motion have completely revised its phone operating system to make it easier to play, it really could be the first BlackBerry phone that meets with much success without a physical keyboard.

New Blackberry Phone – How to find the best price for your new Blackberry

A new Blackberry phone is undoubtedly the best type of phone on the market today! The functionality of a BlackBerry phone are phenomenal. These days a new phone BlackBerry phone is not only AA, but email, sms, calendar, address book, games room, media player, picture taker, navigator, chat messenger, calculator, alarm, and a more all-in-one. One of the best features of any Blackberry is its battery life. You can leave the phone for days on standby and will continue to work to monitor all incoming communications. That said, let’s look at the first three models on the market today:

1. Blackberry 8830 new cell phones

The RIM BlackBerry 8830 World Edition is the first global CDMA / GSM BlackBerry. Integrates with the BlackBerry world, an “always on, always connected” The wireless email solution offers access to email, contacts, calendar, organizer and Internet, while its constant motion. With the BlackBerry 8830 new cell phones, users can make and receive voice calls from a local number for domestic and international over 150 countries and send and receive emails in the United States, Canada and more than 60 countries around the world.

2. Blackberry Pearl 8130

What you need to know to download the BlackBerry

Although the BlackBerry is everywhere, you would have to live under a rock that has not heard of the incredible success of the iPhone. If the iPhone App Store is at the heart of its popularity, while BlackBerry users is better to have some reply.

Few people seem to know, but they do. Many of these BlackBerry applications out there are free, easy to download, and do the same things you always wanted your phone can do. Calendars, calculators, specialized games, reference guides, the son of news and social networking software are just some examples of the power of a BlackBerry, but many people have yet to benefit from.

Download Method 1: BlackBerry App World

The good: The BlackBerry App World is an official challenge to RIM’s App Store on iPhone. You can buy (if the software is not free, and most are free) and download the software directly on your BlackBerry when you’re away. It works anywhere and is installed “in the Air”, which means no computer is involved, only your phone by downloading the software directly from the Internet via the cellular network (or WiFi).

Directions: Go to site search and the world of RIM application. You will be given a web address for installation. Just open this site in the browser on your BlackBerry. From here you can download the App World on your phone in the Air. Once installed, you can start downloading applications to your heart’s content!

How to change the screen of a BlackBerry broken

I did a search on any major attempt to find a way to change a BlackBerry screen without ruining the BlackBerry device itself. Yes, my BlackBerry 8330 fell from my office, hit the wheel of my chair and broke the screen! There’s nothing like a “CrackedBerry!” I was marked … Anyway … I could not find good instructions, so I thought I post what I found to work because … I understood how to fix it without a scratch on the outside of my BlackBerry. Yes! But do not blame me if you’ll scratch yours … I take no responsibility. Just take your time when you do. 🙂 If you dropped your BlackBerry and cracked the screen, do not worry, you can fix it. A broken screen BlackBerry can be set for you! First, you need to find the screen that corresponds to your BlackBerry device. I have mine on the cellular network nationwide. You can search on Google. Make sure your BlackBerry model is used for research on this site!

I ordered my parts, Thursday April 22 and received Wednesday, April 28. Not bad, even the parts are from China too! I paid about $ 6 for the new BlackBerry screen and I bought a blue ball of blue and cold outer chrome ring for about $ 5. Shipping and handling was a fixed amount of 5. So for $ 17, which was perfect for me. When I received the shipment, the pieces were housed in a small box with a thickness that has been protected by an envelope with bubble wrap. All contents were safe inside the box and came as ordered. I have fed at how quickly the order arrived! The screen has the protective strip on either side by what was in perfect condition, and double-sided tape to fit the outside of the display to ensure the bottom of the screen has been included new BlackBerry! I could not believe it, the screen even had the BlackBerry logo on it! SWEET!

The world is as wide as a screen BlackBerry

If the first human beings to communicate with the drums and smoke, after the time of stone age communication, the communication device has been made in the paper that people can communicate through email. So far, the development of paper and newspapers continue to use the media and the industry continues to grow.

In the presence of cell technology, as now, we only know the first radio and television. In early development, the radio can be a sophisticated tool of its time, but the radio is a unique way until the next man invented the telephone. Phone technology continues to grow until the advent of cell phones that are more mobile.

The development of media and communications are not without a radical change, until finally the two media meet.The marriage of these two technologies has created a new technology called the Internet.

This time the Internet permeates human life in almost all areas. The existence of the Internet today has changed almost every level of human life, going to communicate, learn, work and do business.

The ability to communicate and find information instantly makes us more and not be separated from the Internet. A few years ago, we had access to the Internet from a desktop computer, these days, thanks to the development of cellular technology, you can only use the Internet in the palm of the hand in a more mobile.

BlackBerry Protective Cases – What to consider when buying

So buy or upgrade your BlackBerry? Like any BlackBerry user, the first thing you want to get your hands on some great accessories to enhance the functionality of your device and large. Well, before even thinking about what the new awesome dock that charges your device while polishing shoes and whistling Dixie, start looking for a protective case to protect your precious Blackberry to let the inevitable happen is tied on a daily basis. Of course, the drops are not the only danger you’ll face. Striped screen, toiletries mates, and the occasional slap, hand (especially the touchscreen models sometimes frustrating) are obliged to take their toll as well.

Your BlackBerry is built, but the frequent drops and bumps over time can damage the internal and external components of the unit without adequate protection. And there’s nothing worse than taking the BlackBerry prayer position only to find an ugly scratch on the screen. A protective case to be one of the first items they buy accessories for your BlackBerry. Well, enough reasons why you should get a protective case. Let’s talk about what you should look for when choosing from the wide variety of designs and styles on the market today.

The main factor to consider when choosing a BlackBerry if your lifestyle. What are you doing? Like most BlackBerry users, you do a lot. The ideal situation is to have a low profile, durable, impact resistant, which also maintains the functionality of your device. Comfort, of course, is an important issue. Find a deal that satisfies all these requirements for all situations that you may find yourself is not easy.

Choosing a hosting provider of BlackBerry service

Hosted BlackBerry services BlackBerry established, trusted, functionality and security capabilities of the state of the art in a program that is managed for you by a BlackBerry Certified Partner. You will receive wireless email, calendar, Internet browser and other application packages, so you can focus on improving your business and its environment in Information Technology.

And what if your company could get wireless without the requirement of initial software costs, deployment overhead or support costs, including current information technology? Hosted BlackBerry Server provides protection and useful feature of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution through a strategic issue well presented BlackBerry delegate. With Hosted BlackBerry Server, there is no obligation to buy, install or maintain server software. Your company could get wireless without the need for software costs in advance, the costs of implementation, or even to keep spending on information technology support. And with safety and performance of the BlackBerry Solution Strategy – through this fully operational, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Edition delegate really is the perfect wireless solution for organizations and strategic outsourcing their messaging systems. This solution combines the elegance and organized specific strategic business email and lets you take advantage of services and solutions provider for web hosting service offers to your email wirelessly.