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General AI will more than Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a general term used to describe the type of artificial intelligence, which we expect as human intelligence. We can not even get to a perfect definition of intelligence, but we are on our way to build more of them. The question is whether we build the artificial intelligence will work for us or work for it.

If we understand the concerns, we must first understand the intelligence and then predict where we are in the process. Intelligence could say that the need for information on the basis of available information process. This is the base. If you can formulate a new information on the basis of existing information, then you are intelligent.

Since this is much more scientific than spiritual, speaking in terms of science. I’ll try not to put a lot of scientific terminology so that a common man or woman can easily understand the content. There is a term involved in the construction of artificial intelligence. It called the Turing test. A Turing test is to test an artificial intelligence to see if we could recognize as a computer or could see no difference between that and human intelligence. The evaluation of the test is that if you communicate with artificial intelligence and throughout the process, forget to remember that is actually a computer system and not a person, then the system passes the test. In other words, the system is actually artificial intelligence. We have many existing systems that can pass this test in a short time. They are not exactly artificial intelligence because we have to remember that it is a computer system through the process elsewhere.

How to compete with the philosophy of artificial intelligence program

No time, I was playing with some philosophical software is pretty cool and contains at least some artificial intelligence algorithms. It works similar to a chat bot, but all previous periods of famous philosophers, so all his works, and you can search through them with keywords. When you make a statement, comment or ask a question, find their own words reordering databases, create derivative comments as if you were talking to a famous ancient philosopher. This is very interesting, no?

It can be difficult for a student of philosophy compete with that, because they may not be aware of discussion or dialogue on the basis of all these old famous works. A philosopher PhD could talk all day with something, but maybe could not overcome the philosophical software, because many of these philosophical puzzles in circles. In other words, you can keep someone busy for hours. In fact, in doing so, provides those seeking information, a psychological profile of the individual whose play with the machine.

DNA tests prebiotic natural intelligence

Culture has been defined as the symbolic order; which is the regulatory body for thoughts on relational social order. “Thought” is defined similarly to the experience of symbolic modeling so ever with potential to suggest another order of experience. I define magic as the embodiment of technical supposed to complete an alternative reality check of our manufacturing techniques dreams; the realization of our dreams that we understand the “real world.”

Sociologists tell us that a man creates symbols and simulated concrete relational order by symbolic systems of order. Sociologists proudly proclaim man the only agent crop in the nature of creation; but I suggest that we need to radically rethink our view of the role of DNA in the history of bio-evolution, if we go beyond the conceptualization obsolete still prevails among biologists despite advances Information Technology of the neo-Darwinian synthesis was formulated first.

Artificial Intelligence in the wrong way

The AI ​​community did not realize the power of the mind, the universe’s most powerful intelligence because they used computer models. They wrongly believed that intelligence was the achievement of life goals worksheet. The study was AI moved by the arrival of computers in the 1940s, the basic principle that the brain has a type of calculation. Alan Turing was one of the first to work on intelligent machines by programming computers. Algorithmic procedures did enable programs to achieve remarkable results. Computers could solve complex mathematical and engineering problems. Some scientists believe that a fairly comprehensive set of programs and compiled knowledge could achieve human-level intelligence.

So there could be other possible means, computer programs were the best resource available to try to simulate human-level intelligence. But in the 1930s, including mathematical logic Turing and Gödel, established that algorithms can not guarantee to solve mathematical problems in some areas. Both the theory of computational complexity, which defined the difficulty of general classes of problems and the AI ​​community failed to identify the properties of problems and problem solving methods, which helped to solve problems humans. Each search direction seemed to lead to dead ends.

Hive Bloom – Intelligence is an algorithm

Intelligence (the ability to achieve complex goals) is an algorithm composed of seven steps. One thing that kept echoing in my mind when I first distilled it the concept Goertzel book “Creating Internet Intelligence” was the consistency of this concept with the five elements of social learning machine Ben Jacob (1) ( bacterial colonies: bacterial “creative web”) .. I read about this theory in the book “Global Brain” by Howard Bloom (2) (chapter “De synapses social social glands”) Here in parallel, demonstrating that the principles Peirce (3), Palmer (4) and meta-Goertzel transitions (5) are, in fact, the same way of understanding, the same algorithm also takes nature evolve.

1) Bacterial colonies have a status quo in which a common language imposed by the executor of the conformity of the genome to which all members together chemically. This is analogous to Peirce and Palmerian (P & P) “firstness”. This is the thesis of dialectics before being interrogated.