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5 reasons why you should choose an iPhone

Since its launch in 2007, the iPhone has found many fans; many of which were already avid users of Apple. However, over the years, it was almost impossible to separate the iPhone from the concept of smartphone and now iconic device continues to attract new users who are disenchanted with either other types of mobile phones or which is the first smartphone.

What makes the iPhone so special? Why choose any other devices such as smartphones Android?

1. A single iOS

Although it may seem obvious, the iPhone is made by Apple. Unlike many other mobile operating systems like Android that is used by a lot of manufacturers like Samsung, HTC and Sony-Ericson, iOS only used on the iPhone.

This means there is no need for new users compare mobile and fans continue to buy the phone because its features remain similar from one model to another.

Blackberry Bold vs iPhone 3G Review

Gadget Review: Blackberry Bold vs iPhone 3G. Blackberry or iPhone? That’s the question I hear every day from anyone who is looking for one of the gadgets. Well my friends, this review certainly shed some light on the two phones, and we hope you will be able to draw some conclusions at the end.

As you know from my previous post: Review gadget: iPhone 3G, I’m as happy iPhone owner. I have no Blackberry Bold, but many of my friends are in possession of competitive research In Motion (RIM) gadget. I played around with him several times, and I think I have established a very good “relationship” with the Blackberry.

The BlackBerry Bold has a very sleek design, unlike their predecessors. I imagined the look of the gadget very much. The QWERTY keyboard is easy to use as the buttons are well designed to enter data in this neat gadget. Now, one of the most important features of the Blackberry Bold is the screen. The gadget has a half VGA resolution 480 x 320 pixel color display. The picture quality is very clear, and I would be very happy to see the latest episode of Two and a Half Men. Email on the Bold is beautiful. I do not think there is real competition in this particular aspect of the Blackberry, since it is the main feature that RIM is trying to improve with each new gadget launch. And of course there’s the BlackBerry Messenger. Loved by many and desired by others. The Blackberry service is free, and has published in all Blackberry devices. This cool digital gadget greatly reduces your bill text messages. Now, of course, is only available for Blackberry phones, making it a unique feature for the device from RIM.

The iPhone 4S includes wireless AirPrint

The iPhone 4S includes AirPrint wireless printing capabilities let you print directly from your phone from a compatible printer. Previously, only third-party applications had offered the possibility of connecting printers, but the manufacturer has stepped in to produce an integrated application of its own which allows you to print without problems from the device.

With the touch of a button on the screen, you can print emails, documents, photos and web pages from the phone without having to download an application form third in the App Store, adding printer drivers or the use of cables, as the USB connector on the host. From within applications such as mail or web browser Safari, you can now choose to print, as with the computer and display a list of available printers, select the options and press the Print tab. Printing is done completely wirelessly with compatible printers wireless technology is well suited for the device, and then used as a printer. This gives a long-term facility and extreme with new or recently new printers on the market with capacity, respectively, can be used by AirPrint.

The iPhone 4S includes the integration of icloud

The iPhone 4S icloud include integration that allows you automatically to your music and multimedia, including photos saved, and perfection in all your devices. The intuitive technology provides another unique feature of the phone as a series of one of the most respected brands in the world.

The icloud is a new service from Apple that provides the first way to each user who registers for the reasonable use with 5 gigabytes of storage space. This storage space can manually put music, photos and other files. If you prefer, you can have music, movies and iTunes downloads and photos and the application form directly to your phone icloud space and all your Apple devices, such as Mac or iPad. This means that while the downloads and files with you wherever you go, and any device used, which are also protected if something happens to these devices.

Fun and friendly casual games for the iPhone

A few months ago, Nielson, the market research company famously said that the games are more popular on the iPhone than any other smartphone. Moreover, gaming applications have been downloaded more than in other applications such as rich new applications or information. A discussion took place in the comment box about how iPhone users are “waste of time compared with other smartphone users. Whatever the reason, you can not argue against the wide range offered by the iPhone, and tried, to the workaholic, to switch to that particular mobile applications just for gaming.

Each month, a number of witnesses from a variety of genres, catering for young people and adults. Of these, casual games are a kind of ideal for use simple techniques that can be captured during playback. On the other hand, if one is likely to become addicted easily, these games are appropriate for the type of personality that they wish to participate in the suspense thriller or emotionally games intensify. Looking back, PacMan out video games for its unique strategy and simplicity. The game is still an inspiration to the current developers, for example, Manu. Three games described below have also gained popularity for similar reasons: fun and friendly.