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An Overview of Important Web programming languages


It all started with Tim Berners-Lee at CERN and good old HTML. CERN, which is now famous for its Large Hadron Collider recently gained more publicity to attract the attention of new frivolous pursuit the possibility of a black hole. I think even cooler that marks the end of humanity black hole, is the virtual world that has greatly affected its evolution. The Internet happened in part because the results of the research at CERN and now we have a world beside the real world, operating in parallel and flesh and blood of a case of towing a land cave walls became day. HTML later became the lingua franca of a world that is increasingly while shrinking our real world.

HTML is the basic language understood by all (World Wide Web) WWW clients. It can run on a PC running an operating system such as Windows, Mac, Linux, or Unix workstation. However, it is limited in its computational power intentionally, because it can prevent the execution of malicious programs on the client machine. Web Programmers who are now much more sophisticated in their applications, offering different types of services to the growing demand for interactive content. Today, most users have machines right customers who are able to do more than HTML allows. Fortunately, there is a sustained development of the area, and today the number of applications that can be developed. We can easily create dynamic web sites databases with different programming languages ​​such as PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, Perl, Cold Fusion, etc. This gives programmers a headache. They generally fall into two main groups – proprietary and open source, both have their own market share.

Introduction to computer programming and programming languages

Since it has been recognized as a distinct academic field in the 1960s, made great progress, especially in making things much easier for humans. One of the problems it has solved is how problems that need to be addressed have been translated into a code or format computers can understand. There are several ingenious and main solutions used in this type of problems. Here is an introduction to computer programming that will give you a better understanding of this exciting discipline.

To give instructions to computers, programming languages ​​are used. These languages​​, which are man designed, based on the so-called rules of syntax and semantics. These days, many languages ​​have been made, used, discarded.

Programming languages ​​do not last forever. They come, but after a few years of residence in the industry, you will feel that language should be improved or need something for your chosen language can not provide. It will not be long until the language is replaced by a more flexible successor.

Popularity of different software languages

The list of programming languages ​​is a great one. Choosing a programming language to learn is a difficult task, as there are several factors to consider. Here is some information about the different popular programming languages ​​that can help you choose a language to learn. Popularity helps a lot to learn the most popular language would be more likely that a developer or programmer in the field of computing.

The base language

A standardized comparison of various studies and statistics indicates that C is considered the most popular languages ​​followed by Java, C ++, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Perl, SQL, Ruby, Shell and so on. C is the basis of all languages ​​and therefore beginners prefer to choose as your first step. It is also recommended by all the experts that anyone wishing to learn a high level language must be clear with the basics of the C language provides a simple and brief introduction to the concepts and techniques of programming and support for the construction of logic . Java, C ++ and other languages ​​are easier to understand after mastering the basics of the C language

How to find programming language popularity using search engines?

Perform queries on different search engines can provide a comparison of different programming languages. Usually, people try to learn to use the Internet for some programming languages​​. And most searched gives an idea of ​​what is popular. The most requested languages ​​can be estimated by finding the job profile requirements by different companies offering jobs programming. Research findings and statistics from search engines show that C and C ++ are the most popular programming languages​​. C and C ++ languages ​​are the most basic and high level with the intention of becoming a successful programmer person should be thorough with them in the beginning.

Best programming languages

Because the language typewriter or word assembly was difficult and confusing, people have developed other languages ​​are more like human languages​​, with names such as FORTRAN, BASIC and Pascal. What programming languages ​​are more like ordinary human languages, the developers of these most desired language to make programs easier to write and edit later. One of the first programming language FORTRAN was high (which is the standard for the preparation of the translator).

FORTRAN was designed especially for numerical calculations. Another high-level language in the beginning was COBOL (Common Business-Oriented Language) which was intended for the business data processing.

Since each language has a specific purpose, most people will not use FORTRAN or COBOL to write video games, operating systems or processor (but may still do so if you really want). Because the program was too difficult for many people, computer products soon both BASIC and Pascal to teach people to program. All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code Beginner – – BASIC was meant to teach complete beginners how to program. Beginners can start to study programming with C, but the complexity of C can discourage people prematurely.