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Blackberry Bold vs iPhone 3G Review

Gadget Review: Blackberry Bold vs iPhone 3G. Blackberry or iPhone? That’s the question I hear every day from anyone who is looking for one of the gadgets. Well my friends, this review certainly shed some light on the two phones, and we hope you will be able to draw some conclusions at the end.

As you know from my previous post: Review gadget: iPhone 3G, I’m as happy iPhone owner. I have no Blackberry Bold, but many of my friends are in possession of competitive research In Motion (RIM) gadget. I played around with him several times, and I think I have established a very good “relationship” with the Blackberry.

The BlackBerry Bold has a very sleek design, unlike their predecessors. I imagined the look of the gadget very much. The QWERTY keyboard is easy to use as the buttons are well designed to enter data in this neat gadget. Now, one of the most important features of the Blackberry Bold is the screen. The gadget has a half VGA resolution 480 x 320 pixel color display. The picture quality is very clear, and I would be very happy to see the latest episode of Two and a Half Men. Email on the Bold is beautiful. I do not think there is real competition in this particular aspect of the Blackberry, since it is the main feature that RIM is trying to improve with each new gadget launch. And of course there’s the BlackBerry Messenger. Loved by many and desired by others. The Blackberry service is free, and has published in all Blackberry devices. This cool digital gadget greatly reduces your bill text messages. Now, of course, is only available for Blackberry phones, making it a unique feature for the device from RIM.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone Review – Design and Performance

In this second and final part of our review , we discuss the design aspects and performance of the Samsung Galaxy S3 , one of the most successful mobile smartphones ever released.

S3 design

The Galaxy S3 is incredibly light and thin considering the size of the screen. It is just 8.6 mm thick ( the Galaxy S2 was 8.9 mm thick) and weighs 133g . In comparison, the HTC One X is 8.9 mm and 130g , while the iPhone 5 is 7.6 mm thick and weighs 112g light as a feather . The new Galaxy S4 with Z Sony Xperia 5 inch screen rival is 7.9 mm thick and 130 g .

A smooth round look at the S3 debuted more rectangular support the emergence of its predecessor, the S2 . The shingle style home reminiscent of the Galaxy Nexus smartphone and it does not seem modern, gentle curves allow the hand to mold around the unit . Good to see that the camera is almost flush with the body of the phone instead of the lens box slightly elevated ugly and awkward carrying the S2 .

As usual Android smartphone , three steps back , home and menu buttons at the bottom of the screen, with only the physical home button has one, the other two are touch sensitive . Other keys are the key to the ignition switch or the lock and volume control , both located in the upper right side of the housing.

For a filling end once the S3 feels a little cheap . The excess plastic is definitely the culprit and even if it is of good quality , the best materials such as aluminum , titanium or Kevlar (as found on the Motorola Razr XT890 i ) outperforms really quality feel . We love to have a little extra weight if it meant we could lose some plastic .

Motorola Razr HD Review

It’s been a while since Motorola Razr HD has been introduced in the market and in some time it became very popular. The company is known for manufacturing innovative devices I substituted Razr Razr HD . Like other Razr , Motorola has inspired another design of this version. The shimmering appearance of the phone looks amazing . Gorilla Glass protects the screen of your phone from all kinds of scratches.

The phone runs on a 1.5GHz processor and runs on 1 GB of RAM dual core . The phone’s internal memory is 16 GB. In addition , there is provision for the microSD card in the phone that allows users to expand the memory up to 48 GB.

HTC HD Razr sports a screen 4.7-inch HD may seem smaller than most of its competitors , however , can be considered among the best in its class. The display supports a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. It gives you vivid and crisp color images . There is a good amount of brightness and excellent device performance in low light. However, the automatic brightness is not as impressive as it should be . This phone comes with many connectivity options , including Wi – Fi , GPS , Bluetooth and 4G LTE . Although there are many smart phones with 13 MP camera , 8 MP camera Razr HD is quite impressive and gives very good images . The pictures clicked by the camera are well saturated and exposed . The contact telephone technological approach is also pretty decent . The video recording of the camera is very good and you get a full HD video . There is a front facing 1.3 MP camera , which is also good and is able to produce images of 720p for video chats and video calls.

BlackBerry Z10 Review

BlackBerry Z10 is a very good high-end device can be considered as a serious contender to other high-end devices such as Apple iPhone 5 , HTC One X + and the Galaxy S3 , etc. This well designed smartphone is available in black and white . He got flat sides , rounded corners and gives a solid feel to the user. The thickness of the telephone is almost similar to S3 Galaxy .

The soft touch black plastic will surely impress the user . You will not find any buttons on the front of the phone , while the microphone is placed in the bottom of the emblem is on the edge of the screen . The top edge has a front facing camera , speaker and status LEDs . It is a provision of the micro USB and HDMI on the phone .

BlackBerry Z10 features a crisp display that is vibrant bright colors . The viewing angles are pretty decent phone and find no trouble seeing the direct sunlight . The touch screen is very sensitive and can easily enter text on your phone. The Z10 camera is one of the best you’ll find on any smartphone. The camera interface is also easy to use . You will also see a photo editing software built into the phone that allows you to edit images by adjusting brightness, add filters and culture, etc.

Z10 is very fast in scripts , applications and web pages load quickly on the device. You will not face any delay while surfing the net and battery life is much better compared to the Galaxy S3. BB Z10 no start button or the navigation button , because everything is based contact. The browser on top of the Z10 is fine, but not as good as Chrome or another. You will find many applications preloaded on your phone, including BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry Calendar , Docs to Go , Voice Control and History Maker etc. These applications further enhance the utility of the phone. Also visit the BlackBerry World to download applications more useful . C10 is based on the new operating system BlackBerry 10 . You can find the reference to computer software that BlackBerry allows synchronization of media and data files . 2 GB of RAM compatible with the powerful 1.5 GHz dual core processor phone .

Finally , BlackBerry Z10 is a decent camera that comes with a nice interface , a great camera and a large collection of applications pre – loaded . This phone offers good value for money.

BlackBerry offers its customers a great Z10 Verizon BlackBerry that allows them to take advantage of this powerful phone in lower bids.