Can you recover the lost data?

In short, data recovery means that someone should try to recover inaccessible data from a damaged or damaged storage site. Think of computers and how they collapse, sometimes inexplicably and suddenly you run out of nothing.

This sense of helplessness when your computer crashes takes you to an expert in data recovery. Sometimes they are successful and sometimes not, but they are all capable of recovering files from storage media such as external hard drives, SSDs, USB drives, CDs, DVDs and DVDs. magnetic tapes

Data recovery may be necessary for different things, the most common is an operating system failure, but computers can also be damaged by physical damage and things like tornadoes, floods and hurricanes; things that are considered “acts of God.” So, of course, there is an old virus or Trojan that enters the computer and needs fast and professional assistance.

If you have the most common type of data recovery, this is due to an operating system failure and, in this case, the technician will try to transfer your files to another device. If you have a failed drive and / or a compromised file system or hard drive failure, the data may not be so easy to recover and read. In this case, the technician would try to repair the file system, and fortunately some damage could be repaired when replacing parts of the hard disk. If there is still damage, there is a specialized disk imaging procedure that can be performed to try to recover every readable bit of data that can be recovered. Then, the files can possibly be reconstructed.

Usually, if your computer goes down and you need a data recovery expert, it will bring you the computer, but at other times you will have to do your work remotely, either because the system is too large. be accepted or far away. Obviously, this requires many more skills and experience in the field.

There are simply four phases of data recovery. Repair the hard drive, image the drive in a new drive, recover logical files and repair the recovered files. Once the four steps have been completed, we expect your computer to work again and last until the next interruption.

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