Eliminate your fear of SQL Server error 18456

The SQL Server database is a relational database management system, used throughout the world. And just because SQL is used so widely does not mean it is immune to errors. A common error encountered when connecting to the SQL server is error 18456 and the error message is displayed on the screen:

The connection failed for the user. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server logon.

When users try to connect to the SQL server through the login authentication system, instead of granting access to the user, the server returns error 18456. Sometimes, the error also indicates that status 1 is almost identical to the main error all other variations of error 18456 become state error 1 for security reasons.

As you can see, Microsoft is not so useful when it comes to providing details about error messages.

Reasons behind SQL Server error 18456

Authentication problem: the first connection of the new system may also be the reason for this error. The good part is that it is not important. The error occurs because the server is in Windows authentication mode. Change the mode and try to connect again. The error must be resolved

Incorrect credentials: this is probably the most common reason for error 18456, but we like to focus on the details of the minutes. Check if your credentials are correct. If you are logging in for the first time, make sure you have received the correct administrator credentials.

Disabled user ID: If the user ID does not have permission to access SQL Server, this error will be generated. Again, if you try to log in for the first time, we recommend that you contact the administrator to ensure that you have been granted access to your user ID.

Different states of error: As mentioned, there are different states of error and once you know what the different states mean, it is easier to solve the problem:

If the error status is 2 or 5, it means that the user ID is not valid and you should verify it.
Error status 6 means that the user is trying to use a Windows login name for SQL authentication that the server can not understand.
An error status of 7 means that the login has been disabled or that there is a password difference
Error status 8 means there is a password mismatch
Error status 9 implies an invalid password
The error states 11 and 12 mean that the connection information is correct but the server can not be accessed.
Error status 13 implies that the SQL server has stopped
Error status 18 means that the password has expired and must be changed

If the error status is different from that, it is probably an internal error and before doing anything you should contact your administrator.

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